Save Direct Mail

Save Direct Mail

National Shared Mail Program

Save Direct Mail is the package of colorful advertisements delivered to consumers’ homes nearly every week. This package is comprised of coupons, offers, and sales across a wide variety of retailers, restaurants, and services. For years, brands have used this product to advertise weekly specials, seeing firsthand how direct mail drives value-conscious shoppers to their stores. Research studies confirm that 71% of consumers read/look at direct mail ads, and 66% say these types of ads make them aware of neighborhood stores, restaurants, and services.

(Source: Valassis Consumer Study, 2020. n = 1,868 respondents. Read/look at direct mail ads % = always/most of the time/sometimes)

Save Gives Consumers Exactly What They Want

We’ve all done it – found the advertisements delivered to our homes, sat down at the table, and went straight to browsing the inserts to organize our weekly menu and shopping list. In this way, Save Direct Mail helps consumers plan their purchases, getting your offer in front of the people who are looking for it.

With Save Direct Mail, you have multiple options for your insert message: you can choose between single sheet, multi-page, or postcard formats, as well as heavy or light paper stock.

Consumers are using multiple ways to find savings for the items they need across both print and digital media. Print advertising offers small businesses a highly effective way to reach their local market, and direct mail inserts, specifically, can drive traffic and brand awareness while reaching a highly-focused demographic that is ready to buy.

Save Direct Mail Quick Facts

  • Hyperlocal targeting
  • Version prices and locations
  • Variety of sizes and formats
  • Single source for creative, printing, delivery
  • Impressive Flexibility
Save Direct Mail
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