Save Direct Mail

Save Direct Mail

National Shared Mail Program

Save direct mail products are the packets of colorful advertisements found in your mailbox on a weekly basis. This package is comprised of coupons, specials and notices of sales for all sorts of consumer goods. More than 90% of the supermarket and household coupons are distributed through such advertising. National brands have used these to advertise their weekly specials for numerous years. All national brands have seen firsthand how direct mail drives budget-conscious shoppers to their stores and generate sales. Studies suggest that readers trust print more than any other medium. According to a 2019 Valassis study, 85% of consumers keep these ads, which leads you to believe they are used regularly in making purchase decisions.

Save Gives Consumers Exactly What They Want

We've all done it, found the inserts in the mail, sat down at the table, and went straight to browsing the inserts to start planning your weekly menu and shopping list. You’re not alone; many readers look forward to browsing through the grocery inserts sometimes more than once during the week. Reading through the ads gives consumers a chance to window shop and plan based on their weekly budgeting. In other words, advertising with Save means you get your offer in front of the people who are looking for it.

The more versatility merchants have with their ads, the more able they are to deliver a highly impactful message. Save direct mail inserts let your business choose between single sheets, catalogs, or cards and also whether ads are created in large or small formats, on heavy or light stock.

While there’s a lot going on digitally in the coupon world, and digital usage grows each year, paper coupons are still a popular and viable way to consistently receive high-value offers for the items you likely purchase frequently for your home. There’s no question print advertising, in general, offers small businesses a highly effective way to reach their local market. Direct mail inserts have the ability to drive traffic and create brand awareness while targeting a highly-focused demographic that is ready to buy. 

Save Direct Mail Quick Facts

  • Hyperlocal targeting
  • Version prices and locations
  • Variety of sizes and formats
  • Single source for creative, printing, delivery
  • Impressive Flexibility
Save Direct Mail
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