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Personalized Solo Mail

A postcard is a quick and easy way to share important information and an excellent vehicle for direct mail messaging. As many companies explore new ways to reach new and existing customers, traditional marketing approaches like direct mail campaigns are often replaced with online advertisements and other technology-based techniques. But direct mail postcards still offers one of the most consistently effective forms of advertising. Creating a direct mail postcard campaign is an easy and cost-effective way to maximize your advertising efforts.

Direct Mail Postcards Get the Best Response

Direct mail postcards can be highly individualized. Computer programs allow small companies to address consumers by name in direct-mail campaigns. Each personalized solo mail campaign can be tailored for a specific audience, from long-time customers to new prospects. Thus, customers receive only offers or information that meet their individual needs or buying habits. Addressing them by name only enhances the experience and, ultimately, prompt some to buy a company's products or services.

Using our resources, SMARTmarketing, co. offers a highly targeted, personalized solo mailer at a fraction of the cost. SMARTmarketing Cards are mailed to neighborhoods as a visible, stand-alone mailer. What sets this program apart is your ability to communicate 1-1 with potential consumers via the postcard, while taking advantage of significant savings we offer through our program.

Solo Postcard Quick Facts

  • Trade Area Analysis
  • A 5" x 8.375" Postcard
  • Each Card Personally Addressed
  • Printed on 9 pt. C2S Card Stock
  • Postcards Start at 21.49 Cents Per Home
  • 10,000 pc Print Minimum

Redemption Tracking and Pre/Post Analysis services available.

SMARTmarketing Postcards Direct Mail Advertising
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